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          Introducing +Vantage Vinyl®: The only sustainability initiative in the U.S. designed to advance environmental, social, and economic performance across the entirety of an industry's value chain.

          When you choose the +Vantage Vinyl Verified mark, you've selected a company operating within the vinyl industry that is achieving significant advancements toward a better future for all.

          +Vantage Vinyl-verified companies are third party-verified by GreenCircle Certified, LLC for compliance with +Vantage Vinyl's five pillars across three material impact categories. Verified companies are surveyed annually and require re-verification every three years.

          An initiative of the Vinyl Sustainability Council and launched in 2019, companies are rapidly joining the +Vantage Vinyl initiative and earning verification. Your choice of a +Vantage Vinyl-verified company helps to increase participation in this important program.